Pets In Parks

Caravanning and camping holidays are a great way for families to enjoy the great outdoors together, and that should include the beloved family pet!

It is important to plan when travelling with pets to make your holiday a pleasant one for all. 
There are many NSW caravan and holiday parks that welcome pets and are dog-friendly, though every park has its own pet policy and conditions will apply. The most common conditions are:
  • Dogs are welcome on application at Manager's discretion
  • Restrictions of dates i.e. Dogs not permitted during school holidays
  • Dogs are to be kept on a lead at all times
  • No dogs in Cabin accommodation
  • Clean up after your dog
Before you leave home it is strongly recommended that you contact the park directly to:
  • Find out their pet policy and conditions 
  • The park’s management approves your pet/s stay
  • Book your travel dates to ensure availability and accommodation option
In addition, make sure you pack everything your pet will need for the duration of the trip, as you may not be able to buy the products when travelling or at your final destination.
You must also make sure your pet is fully vaccinated, its registration is up-to-date, your pet's name and your contact details are clearly marked on a name tag attached to their collar and you have appropriate equipment to transport your pet.
On the road, it is important to look after your pet, as some animals react differently to travel and without proper care, it can cause them distress. If you are planning to take them on a long car trip, it might be worthwhile taking them on a short practise drive to monitor their behaviour first.
While travelling, look after your pet by:
  • Take enough water for them for the journey 
  • If you are taking your cat or bird, which traditionally do not like to travel, place a blanket or cover over their carry cage in the car, as this can help to keep them calm
  • Make sure they do not overheat or get too cold
  • Make regular stops to exercise your dog during long journey
It must be always remembered that whilst travelling and during your stay at a caravan or holiday park, you respect the park's rules and regulations, be considerate of your fellow guests & keep your pet under control at all times, as much as for their safety as the safety of those around you.

With proper planning, your pet will enjoy their holiday as much as the rest of the family!


Did you know?

  • It is illegal to drive in NSW with a pet on your lap. For safety pets must be restrained in a carrier or harness to prevent them moving around the car. (The laws regarding restraint of dogs in or on vehicles can vary between the states/territories).
  • Domestic pets can be a threat to native animals therefore no dogs, cats, birds and other domestic pets (other than trained assistance animals such as guide dogs) must not be taken into national parks, state conservation areas, nature reserves, historic sites or Aboriginal areas. 
NSW Pet Friendly parks on the website can be identified by this symbol:

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